Why our team?


The success of a company lies with the team which supports it. This is why GraalSoft has:

  • A team of experienced translators, linguists, experts in their fields
  • Project managers who are able to personalize each client’s project
  • A group of experienced and tested freelancers and specialized subcontracting companies in order to meet additional temporary work requirements

The experience of our translators:

  • IT translations for the most important software companies worldwide – user interface, help files, online documentation
  • Mobile telephony (interface and manuals)
  • Computer science books
  • IT equipment, including industrial ones

Team assets:

  • An IT department that designs computer solutions for inspection, adherence to glossaries, testing
  • Working at the same location in sub-teams implies constant efficient and quick communication in order to create a uniform product, ensuring the consistency of a localization project
  • Hierarchy-based work (translator – proofreader – QA – implementation QA – final proof, including consistency – testing – correcting errors (bug fixing) – generation of the final product)
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